Kitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen remodeling doesn't need to break the bank. Jemstone Construction Group, Inc can help you design your kitchen, including picking out your cabinet doors and hardware. A complete kitchen remodeling job adds value to your home and helps organize your life. It's the one room you're in the most. We will do your job with high quality workmanship for your desired outcomes.

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We Offer

  • Competitive pricing
  • Creative solutions
  • Attention to detail
  • Weekend appointments
  • Clean sites
  • Knowledge
  • Prompt, efficient staff

From Concept to Creation

When you're ready to take on your kitchen remodeling project, we will come in and listen to your needs from the type of cabinet doors you choose to your kitchen cabinet hardware. Unlike many of our competitors, we will not upsell you. We help create ways to save you money without compromising on any aspect of the service.

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Kitchen Services

  • Cabinet doors
  • Kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Complete kitchen renovations
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Kitchen design
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • ​General contractor

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

From the simplest to the most intricate design, with our knowledge and expertise, you can relax knowing that we can turn your old kitchen into a new oasis. We won't compromise on details. Below are some kitchen remodeling ideas for the material you can use on your countertops. We can help you with your kitchen design. Even a small kitchen design idea can turn an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary kitchen.

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Kitchen Countertops

We will walk you through different countertops
by explaining the pros and cons of each.


Marble offers a classic look for white lovers and has more variety than most other countertops. It is softer than granite and can scratch as well as stain easier. Its pricing ranges from $70.00-$100.00 installed.

Quartz Stone

Quartz stone is also known as Caesarstone, comes in every shade imaginable. The pricing ranges from $95.00-$105 installed.


Granite is the most popular because many people are very familiar with this material. It has plenty of character with unique grains. Granite starting cost is $50 per square installed and goes way up from there.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most affordable countertop, starting at $30.00 per sq installed. The difficulty with tile is maintenance, as it is hard to keep the grout clean.

Stainless Steel

Chefs love stainless because of its non-staining and heat-resistant top. It costs around $80.00 to $90.00 per sq ft installed.


While soapstone is expensive, it is great for life. It is mostly used in labs and restaurants with pricing ranging from $80.00 to $100.00 per sq ft.


Laminate is a crowd-pleaser due to the full range of edge and finishes. However, it is not the most durable. Its pricing is about $8.00-$20.00 per sq ft installed.


Pigments, stains, and dyes are the bases of a concrete top. Concrete has high pricing at $100.00 to $150.00 per sq ft installed.